Vallonnet Cave

One of the earliest sites of human settlement known in Europe, Vallonnet Cave bears the traces of a million years of human history. It was discovered in 1958 and proper archaeological excavations began there in the 1960s. 1963 saw the cave declared a Historic Monument. It is a treasure trove of new information about Homo Erectus who used the cave at that time and the animal species that also lived in the region.

The cave is 110 metres above sea level in a ravine cutting into the hill overlooking Cap Martin. The site is closed to the public as it belongs to the State and archaeological excavations are still ongoing there.

Chemin de Menton – Entrance from Aavenue des Mimosas and Chemin du Pontet

The exhibition Grotte du Vallonnet à Roquebrune at Menton's Regional Museum of Prehistory gives a fascinating insight into the archaeological importance of this site. Rue Lorédan Larchey – 06500 Menton – Tel: +33 (0)4 93 35 84 64

Associated Walking Tour :
Historical Circuit No. 1 Roquebrune, cradle of the Medieval village